How to wake up early

By John Mathews
Category: General
Aug 06 2016

For years I’ve wished that I could wake up early and use the quiet pre-breakfast hours for distraction-free productivity. And for years I have spectacularly failed at this. I love the quiet, distraction-free hours at the end of the day too, as well as waking up slowly.1

Many famous leaders and politicians are known to start their days early, and I would like to be able to do this too. After years of trying and failing, I have had a break-through.

The secret of waking up early is this:

Become a parent.

After the first couple of months with a new-born:

  1. If you have the freedom to begin sleeping and working when you want, I still believe this is a great option. I bashed out a PhD in 3.5 years during which I usually woke up late and began to work around lunch time! - Glorious autonomy! 

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